John McAlpin

As the SEO Director at Cardinal Digital Marketing, John McAlpin specializes in healthcare SEO for enterprise and mid-market organizations.

  • SEO Director – Cardinal Digital Marketing
  • VIP Contributor – Search Engine Journal
  • Former Board of Directors – DFWSEM

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About John McAlpin & Healthcare SEO

John McAlpin is the SEO Director for Cardinal Digital Marketing, specializing in healthcare SEO for enterprise and mid-market multi-location organizations. John also writes for Search Engine Journal and is a former DFWSEM board member.

Where I Work

I’m the SEO Director for Cardinal Digital Marketing, the leading healthcare SEO agency in the United States. I help set the strategy for our mid-market and enterprise-level healthcare organizations. Some of my past and current clients include:

  • LifeStance Health
  • Home Health Care Assistance
  • CareSpot/MedPost
  • Active Network
  • And More!

Cardinal takes pride in being a truly turnkey partnership that feels more link an in-house team than an outsourced vendor.

Where I Write

When I’m not working my day job, I’m writing helpful articles at Search Engine Journal as a VIP Contributor. My articles range from in-depth technical SEO walkthroughs to intro guides for new SEOs.

Check out some of my most popular articles:

Industry Affiliations

I was formerly on the Board of Directors for DFWSEM as their VP of Marketing & Communications. DFWSEM is a digital marketing group based in Dallas/Fort Worth. DFWSEM host experts from across the country to speak on various trends in their respective fields.