Website Security Audit

Think of all the sensitive information websites process on a daily basis. From customer data to payment details. If our website isn’t secure, not only do we risk financial losses, but our reputation could be irreparably damaged.

When I talk about a security audit, I’m referring to a comprehensive evaluation of your website to identify any vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit. This isn’t just a quick scan. I use state-of-the-art tools and methods to dive deep into the website’s architecture, code, and configurations. Once the scan is complete, I manually review the findings, ensuring that no stone is left unturned.

The result? A detailed report highlighting potential risks and providing actionable recommendations to fortify your website.

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Components of My Web Security Services

What I look for during cyber security audits
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Network Scans

I delve into the layers of your network, identifying any open ports, misconfigurations, or other vulnerabilities that could serve as entry points for malicious actors. My goal is to ensure that the outer layers of your digital realm are as robust and impervious as possible.

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Website Scans

Using advanced scanning tools, I meticulously analyze every webpage, script, and plugin. This isn’t just about looking for known vulnerabilities; it’s about anticipating potential weaknesses that could be exploited in the future.

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Common Attack Vector Penetration Testing

By simulating the most common attack vectors, I put your website’s defenses to the test. Whether it’s SQL injection, cross-site scripting, or other prevalent threats, I approach your site as if I were an attacker, aiming to uncover any possible avenue of intrusion. But worry not, this is a controlled environment, and the goal is purely to fortify, not to exploit.

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Findings Report & Consultation

Uncovering vulnerabilities is only half the battle; understanding them and knowing how to address them is where the true value lies. After my thorough analysis, I provide a detailed findings report that not only pinpoints the issues but offers actionable solutions. But I don’t just hand over a document and disappear. I sit down with you, ensuring you fully grasp the implications of each finding and the recommended remediation steps. Together, we chart a path forward to a more secure digital future for your brand.

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What is a website security audit?

A website security audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your website to identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses that could be exploited by hackers.

How long does a security audit take?

The duration of an audit varies based on the size and complexity of your website. Typically, smaller sites can be audited in a few days, while larger, more complex sites might take weeks.

Will the audit affect my website’s performance or downtime?

No, my security audit is designed to be non-intrusive. I use tools and methodologies that ensure your website remains operational and users experience no disruptions.

What tools do you use for the audit?

I utilize a combination of industry-leading tools and manual analysis to ensure a thorough and accurate audit. A full list of tools and methodologies may be disclosed prior to beginning any audit per request.

What will I receive at the end of the audit?

At the end of the audit, you’ll receive a detailed findings report that outlines potential vulnerabilities, their severity, and recommended remediation steps.

How often should I get my website audited?

Given the rapidly evolving nature of cyber threats, I recommend an annual security audit at a minimum. However, if you make significant changes to your website or integrate new technologies, it’s advisable to conduct an audit sooner.

Are the audits compliant with industry regulations?

This depends on your industry. I don’t offer any certificates or documentation to certify compliance with any regulation. But if your industry has specific requirements for compliance, I can help audit and provide recommendations to get there.

What if I don’t understand the technical details in the report?

Don’t worry! Part of my service includes a consultation where I explain the findings in plain language and help you understand the implications and recommended actions.

Do you offer ongoing monitoring after the audit?

No, but I provide solutions to self-monitor. My goal is to ensure you have all the tools necessary to keep your site secure. I don’t like to own any tools for my clients, instead I help clients get setup for success and grant me access so that I can help from a distance.

How do I know if my website needs a security audit?

Every website, regardless of its size or function, can benefit from a security audit. However, If you collect user data, process payments, or simply want to ensure the trustworthiness of your online presence, an audit is essential.

How much does a security audit cost?

The cost varies based on the scope and complexity of the audit. Please get in touch with me for a tailored quote.

Do you offer remediation services for the vulnerabilities found?

Yes, I provide a range of services to address and fix the vulnerabilities I identify during the audit.