SEO Grid WordPress Theme

A lightning fast WordPress framework that brings all of the flexibility of a WYSIWYG theme, but with all of the speed of a custom website.

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SEO Grid Theme Features

SEO Grid comes preloaded with the essential elements to build a website. The framework allows for frontend developers to quickly hop in and apply stylings to achieve any design. Some of the more popular features include:
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Insert Custom Code

Insert custom code intoon a page level or global level.

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Multi-column layouts

Easily add new columns while maintaining mobile responsiveness.

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Page Duplication

Quickly duplicate pages and posts without installing a new plugin.

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Reduced Code Bloat

This theme is built with minimal code in mind.

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Theme Requiremetns

This WordPress theme is 100% free to download, manipulate, and use for personal or professional purposes. However, it does require two plugins in order to function properly

  • Classic Editor (Free)
  • Advanced Custom Fields Pro ($50/year)

This theme relies on Advanced Custom Fields Pro to allow backend users to easily add new content, rearrange that content, and create global elements quickly.

insert custom code per page

Insert Custom Code Per Page

One of my biggest problems with 99% of WordPress themes is that you can’t add custom code to individual pages without a plugin. While plugins are an easy fix, I firmly believe that this should be a native feature on all WordPress themes.This is why I’ve added the ability to insert custom scripts (or other code) into any page. These scripts get deployed right before the closing tag. That way anything you add won’t block any rendering and will reduce the impact on page load speeds.


Multi-Column Layouts

One of the biggest benefits of WYSIWYG WordPress themes is the ability to easily add multiple columns to a web page. Using the power of ACF and CSS Grid, this theme uses both pre-set flexible fields as well as repeater fields to allow users to easily add flexible designs.
The biggest benefits to CSS Grid lies within its ability to be mobile responsive using a fluid framework. No matter how many columns you add, the theme will automatically resize to fit the viewport.


Easy to Add Columns

Simply add a multi-column repeater and add as many columns per row as you see fit, while taking advantage of lightweight code.

The CSS Grid framework ensures that the multi-column feature is completely fluid and automatically fills to the viewport.


Built-In Page and Post Duplication

Duplicating pages and posts should be a default feature in WordPress, but alas it’s not. Yes, there are plugins that can achieve this, but why use plugins when this can be built into the theme itself?
The way this feature works is that when you click “Duplicate,” the following sequence happens:
WordPress creates a copy of that page
That copy is automatically put into draft mode
Once it’s in draft, you automatically get taken directly to that page

Installation & Theme Setup Instructions

I’ve made it easy to quickly setup SEO Grid and import all of the baseline settings. Below is a step-by-step set of instructions on how to get started with SEO Grid.

  1. Setup a blank WordPress install on your host of choice. For my examples, I like to use WP Local to work on my local machine.
  2. Download the SEO Grid WordPress theme and unzip (open) the zip file.
  3. Drag the WP Contents folder into your blank WordPress install and overwrite the current files.
  4. Login to the WP Admin panel and go to Plugins and select “Add Plugins.
  5. Install and Activate Classic Editor
  6. Back on the “Add Plugins” page, click “Upload Plugin” and upload Advanced Custom Fields Pro. This is required in order to take full advantage of SEO Grid. Activate Advanced Custom Fields Pro.
  7. On the left-hand navigation menu on WP Admin, go to Custom Fields > Tools.
  8. On the Tools page, import the seo-grid-settings.json file that was included in the theme zip. That file will import all of the prebuilt fields for the theme.


If you have any questions or get stuck, don’t hesitate to contact me.