About John McAlpin

As the SEO Director at Cardinal Digital Marketing, John McAlpin specializes in healthcare SEO for enterprise and mid-market organizations.

John’s Journey to SEO

John started developing websites at just eleven years-old, using just notepad and a browser. This quickly because a hobby throughout middle school and high school.

First Digital Marketing Job

Right out of college, John was hired by ACTIVE Network as a digital marketing assistant. Using his web development background, John revamped ACTIVE’s email marketing templates to be fully responsive and meet modern branding standards.

John continued advancing his coding and digital marketing skills across various aspects of the business, as well as learning about SEO.

In-House Healthcare

After ACTIVE Network, John started running digital marketing at Epic Health Services, now a part of Aveanna Healthcare. This is where John’s interest and experience in SEO really started to blossom.

John created and optimized a successful content marketing and local SEO strategy that turned an organic plateau into an impressive upward growth trend.

John was fortunate to meet an experienced SEO who became a mentor and helped point him towards the best resources to really dive deep into the SEO industry.

John Joins Agency Life

After a successful sale of Epic Health Services, John left the corporate world to join Dallas SEO Dogs as a full-time SEO Project Manager.

This is where John’s SEO skills sky rocketed as he got experience working in a large variety of industries and business sizes.

Present Day

After two years at Dallas SEO Dogs, John joined Cardinal Digital Marketing. Cardinal is the number one digital marketing agency for healthcare organizations in the United States.

At Cardinal, John works with some of the leading enterprise and mid-market healthcare companies who are truly making a difference in their patient’s lives.